Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks are very common and many components influence their appearance, including soil composition and quality of construction. For a thorough analysis of the state of your foundation, it is best to summon the help of a crack repair expert. Fissure 640 holds great expertise in foundation crack repairs of all kinds, whether they are located inside or outside the building.

By conducting a meticulous inspection of your property, our crack repair experts will be able to determine if foundation cracks are active or passive. For instance, foundation cracks may appear in a new building if soil compaction or backfilling were poorly executed. In this case, cracks are said to be passive, as they will stabilize with time.

However, active cracks may potentially grow and worsen over the years. These types of foundation cracks call for immediate repairs in order to prevent further deterioration. Active foundation cracks are caused by faulty drainage, insufficient or defective damp-proofing measures, frost heave, poor-quality soil, pyrite, etc.

Please visit the Concrete Crack Repair page for more information on foundation crack repair measures.

Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete crack repairs should be executed by professionals. Fissure 640’s crack repair experts use highly advanced sealing techniques for large and small concrete crack repairs. Our team carries out long-lasting repairs that guarantee complete damp-proofing of your foundation.

Concrete Crack Repair – From Inside

This technique involves a pressurized injection of polyurethane inside the crack. As it dries, the polyurethane expands and seals the crack. Polyurethane injection is recommended for cracks that are no wider than 1 mm.

Concrete Crack Repair – From Outside

Active or prominent cracks call for greater concrete crack repairs executed outside the building. Our crack repair experts engage in repairs that remain effective even when the foundation is unstable.

Exterior cracks require the following measures:

  • 1m2 cut from the surface down to the foundation footings
  • Sealing with 4 different products, including the installation of an elastomeric membrane
  • Fill work around the foundation

Other Crack Repairs

Fissure 640 repairs other types of cracks, such as structural cracks (on the ceiling, in the garage, etc.) for which we use an epoxy compound. Our team also mend cement plaster surface cracks. These cracks are thin, shallow, and very visible. This being said, they require specific products that will ensure an esthetic finish.

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Fissure 640 serves the North Shore of Montreal and surrounding areas, including the cities of Blainville, Laval, Ste-Thérèse, St-Eustache and Terrebonne.

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