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Foundation cracks and French drains in Rosemère

For the sealing of foundation cracks or for the installation of French drains in Rosemère, FISSURE 640 is the company to contact that you can trust. We are specialists in the maintenance and sealing of foundations and we know how to keep them safe from water infiltration. We can permanently seal cracks, install a damp-proof membrane over the entire concrete surface of the foundation, install or replace a French drain, and so much more!

Foundation cracks

The team from FISSURE 640 offers professional foundation crack sealing services for both residential and commercial environments. We are able to indicate if your cracks are either passive or active (growing in size) and if you will need to install rebar to solidify the concrete that has been weakened by the cracks.

For cracks that are more than 1 mm wide, our team will excavate 1 meter deep in order to expose the concrete. We will then seal the cracks with 3 different products, followed by the gluing of a damp-proof membrane over the entire surface of the foundation.

While we are there, we can also carry out an inspection, as well as do repairs to or install a French drain.

French Drains

Fissure 640 offers you installation or replacement services of French drains, whether it is for a residential or commercial setting. We offer services that are turnkey, which includes excavation as well as mini-excavation. To achieve this, our team uses ¾clean stone fill.

We do pre-purchase inspections of French drains, whether for a home or for a business. Our team can also install drains in floors that have iron ocher. To do this, we use smooth walled perforated PVC pipes, which comply with the standards set by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ).

Foundation cracks Rosemère French drains rosemère

Contact us

For the sealing of foundation cracks, the installation of damp-proof foundation membranes, or, for the installation of French drains in Rosemère and surrounding areas, contact the team at FISSURE 640 at 450-973-1640.
We offer a estimate and we will answer all of your questions regarding our services.

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