Concrete Crack Repair

Is your concrete slab succumbing to the effects of pyrite contamination? Corrective measures by crack repair experts are imperative in order to maintain the value of your property.

Small particles of pyrite, an iron sulfide, can be found in nearly all types of rock, including most backfill material (crushed stone) that is spread under the foundation. Backfill will swell when it contains a high concentration of pyrite-sensitive rocks. Humidity may also catalyze pyrite reactions.

Through pyrite testing, we can determine potential swelling of the soil due to pyrite. Test results are qualitative and do not represent the percentage of pyrite found in the soil.

Swelling potential is classified in the following categories:

  • Very Low | 0 - 10
  • Low | 11 - 20
  • Low to Medium | 21 - 40
  • Medium to High | 41 - 60
  • High | 61 - 80
  • Very High | 81 - 100

Many municipalities offer pyrite support programs. Fissure 640 is accredited for all types of pyrite-related work, including the use of DB-certified stone that is impervious to pyrite.

For a estimate or for more information on our services, contact us today at 450 973-1640.
Fissure 640 serves the North Shore of Montreal and surrounding areas, including the cities of Blainville, Laval, Ste-Thérèse, St-Eustache and Terrebonne.

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